I am NOT a Muslim!

“Dear” killers,

If being Muslim means to kill 12 people because of their drawings, then I am not a Muslim.

Paris attackIf being Muslim means to brutally slaughter 134 innocent children in Pakistan while they were sitting on the school bench with hopes of a better future, then I am not a Muslim.

If being Muslim means to go against the Quran by executing Yezidis in Iraq, then I am not a Muslim.

The Prophet (PBUH) got rubbish thrown at him by an old lady several times, and what did he do in return? He visited her when she fell sick. If going against the Prophets (PBUH) doings and sayings is being a Muslim, then I am not.

The Quran says “To kill one innocent soul is as bad as killing the whole of humanity” (Al-Quran 5:32). If being Muslim means to kill the humanity every day, then I am not a Muslim.

Who is tarnishing the name of Prophet (PBUH)? You, your actions, your thoughts. My Islam teaches me peace, my Islam orders me to show mercy towards the weak, my Islam asks me to be tolerant for people with other beliefs. My Islam tells me to respect the laws of whichever country I reside in. My Islam prohibits me to cause harm to any living specie as well as trees and buildings, let alone human beings. If being Muslim means to go against these rules…well, then I am not.

If the most respectable human being in the history of humanity needs YOUR help to save his honour, then he is not a prophet. If he requires violence in return of drawings, then he is not a prophet.

My Islam, my Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and my Quran do not have room for your actions or mentality. So tell me, you killer, who is your prophet, who is your God and what is your book?

PS: There will be people thinking “What about the hundreds of innocent Muslims being killed every week by the West?” Yes, I’m aware of it, but this post is not about that.

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