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I am NOT a Muslim!

“Dear” killers,

If being Muslim means to kill 12 people because of their drawings, then I am not a Muslim.

Paris attackIf being Muslim means to brutally slaughter 134 innocent children in Pakistan while they were sitting on the school bench with hopes of a better future, then I am not a Muslim.

If being Muslim means to go against the Quran by executing Yezidis in Iraq, then I am not a Muslim.

The Prophet (PBUH) got rubbish thrown at him by an old lady several times, and what did he do in return? Continue reading

En reaksjon?

Det er VM, fint vær og vi koser oss! Livet smiler til oss som heldigvis ble født med det Flax-loddet i hånda som viste 3 “du-skal-bo-i-Norge” tegn når det ble skrapt. Men det er mye som skjer rundt om i verden som er mindre hyggelig. Midtøsten konflikten er en av dem.

Palestinsk far og sønn
Palestinsk far og sønn

Jonas Gahr Støre er en person som har min respekt. Klok politiker, virker som en sympatisk person og en som ser ut til å vite hva han holder på med. Men idag ble jeg litt overrasket da jeg så hans oppdatering på Facebook. Den vanligvis så reflekterte Støre postet dette:

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Fasting “regenerates” the entire immune system

The researchers say fasting “flips a regenerative switch” which prompts
stem cells to create brand new white blood cells, essentially regenerating the entire immune system.”

This is what researches have found in what they call a “breakthrough”. It is also a well-known fact that fasting for some days of the year strengthen your mental and physical efficiency. There are probably  Continue reading

Trailer: ‘Na Maloom Afraad’ (2014)


Here’s the trailer of this upcoming Pakistani comedy movie, called “Na Maloom Afraad” (Unidentified People). After watching superhit Pakistani movies like “Waar” and “Bol“, we can finally look forward to what looks like a well-made comedy movie. Too bad the trailer doesn’t have English subtitles.

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